TPU - Epacol TK series

TPU for solvent borne adhesives

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) granules are innovative technical materials with characteristics that make them suitable for use in many disparate applications in the plastics industry. One such application is that of solvent-based adhesives. The Epacol series by Epaflex comprises products specifically developed for the processes of production of solvent-based adhesives. The TPU granules in the Epacol series by Epaflex are heat activated and, therefore, inert at room temperature. The range is available in various grades which differ in terms of viscosity, reactivation temperature, rate of crystallisation and solubility. Epaflex produces TPUs at a consistently high quality and level of processability to meet the needs of the most complex and advanced applications. ISO 9001 certification is a further guarantee of the excellence of our processes.

proprietà tipiche
ISO 1183
Adhesion to plasticised materials
Creep Test
Tear resistance
Reactivation temperature
Glass transition temperature (Tg)*
Rate of crystallisation
Solution viscosity, 15% in MEK*
TK 42
> 5 - 7
approx. 55/60
200 - 600 | 1700 -2200 | 2700 - 3200
TK 570
> 65
> 7- 10
approx. 60/65
molto elevata
200 - 600 | 1700 - 2200 | 2700 - 3200

Our Epacol line is highly versatile as the various grades can be combined.

This means it is possible to obtain mixtures for increasing:
• Rate of crystallisation
• Reactivation temperature

The addition of isocyanates further improves the temperature and tear resistance of our Epacol line.

Good solubility in many organic solvents. (See Table A)

Suitable for many industrial sectors such as:
• Footwear
• Rubber
• Leather
• Wood
• Construction
• Automotive
• Plastic materials
• Metals
• High initial and final bond strength
• Excellent resistance to ageing

The Epacol TPUs for adhesives are fully soluble in solvents commonly used for this application. (See Table A).
Please consult the technical data sheets taking into account the degree of crystallinity of each grade.
The amount of water in the solvents should be less than 0.1%.
The product is dry at room temperature and is activated only at the temperature indicated on the technical sheet.

The TPUs by Epaflex must be stored in a dry place at room temperature preferably around 15-20 °C and in any case at a temperature that is neither too high nor too low, and ideally in an environment that is cool and ventilated.

Epaflex TPUs come in various packaging such as 25 Kg.
Antistatics plastic bags and 600 Kg. or 1000 Kg. octabins.



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