PU System

Good footwear should be comfortable, fit for the use and long-lasting, as well as being cost-effective. Polyurethanes make it possible to meet all of these requirements. Lightweight and highly abrasion resistant, with excellent physical/mechanical properties, these materials are perfect for shoe soles. These soles are practical, waterproof and lightweight, and can be shaped as required since polyurethane does not limit the possibilities of design or use in any way. Polyurethanes are found in a wide range of footwear. Known for sports shoes, hiking boots, boots, slippers and wedges, they are also widely used for stylish and fashionable shoe soles, as well as for high-quality safety shoes. Polyurethane systems are used for middle insoles and outer soles, low density to compact density. Epaflex producesi PU systems to ensure consistent quality and processability capable of meeting the needs of the most complex and cutting-edge applications. The wide range of polyurethanes for Epaflex footwear is divided into six large families.



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